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      · 請填寫報關資料:(注意以下項目帶*必須填寫)

      預錄入編號(Pre entry number):
      海關編號(Customs Recmord Number ):
      收發貨人(shipper): *
      出口口岸(port of export): *
      出口日期(Export date):
      申報日期(Date of declaration):
      生產銷售單位(Production and marketing unit): *
      運輸方式(Mode of Transport):
      提運單號(Bill of lading number):
      申報單位(Declaration unit):
      貿易方式(type of trading): *
      征免性質(Kind of tax):
      備案號(Customs registration number):
      貿易國(地區)(Trading Country): *
      運抵國(地區)(Destionation Country): *
      指運港:仁川(port of destination P.O.D. Incheon): *
      境內貨源地(Place of Manufacture):
      許可證號(License Number):
      成交方式(Terms of Trade): *
      保費(Insurance premium):
      合同協議號(Contract Number): *
      件數(Numbers of Packages): *
      包裝種類(Kinds of Packing): *
      毛重(千克)(Gross Weight(kilo)): *
      凈重(千克)(Net Weight(kilo)): *
      集裝箱號(Container Number):
      隨附單證(Attached Documents):
      標記嘜碼及備注(Shipping Marks & Remarks Declarant):
      項號(Item Number):
      商品編號(H.S Code): *
      商品名稱(Description of Goods) : *
      規格型號(ncluding Specification&Type specifications and models): *
      數量及單位(Quantity&Unit Uinal): *
      原產國(地區)(Country of origin):
      單價(Unit Price): *
      總價(Total Amount): *
      幣制(Currency): *
      特殊關系確認(Special relationship validation):
      價格影響確認(Price impact confirmation) :
      支持特許權使用費確認(Support concession fee recognition) :
      錄入員(Entry Clerk) :
      錄入單位(Entry unit) :
      (It is hereby declared that the above contents shall bear the legal responsibility for paying tax in accordance with the law )
      報關人員(Customs broker):
      申報單位(簽章)(Declaration unit(signature)):
      海關批注及簽章(Customs endorsement ( signature)):